Hey there. It’s Mor speaking! I’m Eleni Morantzi, mind and soul behind Mors Caravan blog. Fashion is a way of speaking without anyone hearing your voice. Mors Caravan is a fashion blog with references to beauty and places to be.
Ι’m currently studying geology and I have a heart devoted to fashion. I love mornings, coffee and books. I am obsessed with bags, shoes and 70’s. I prefer following the trends but adapt them to my own style.
I’m a girl who made her dream came true and I’m proud for that. You always have to make your dreams reality and you are going to feel as I feel now; blessed. Remember to love yourself as you are and wear whatever makes you happy. Feel free to be proud of what you wear!
I’m now exposed to you; the only thing you have to do is to board on my caravan…