Hey there. It’s Mor speaking! Today’s post will be a little bit different! I’m going to introduce you to Fenijewels! Fenijewels which is founded by Fenia Misalidis, is a new Greek brand with fresh ideas that keeps up with the fashion trends but not always follows them. It was the need for creativity and the emergence of beauty and style was what gave flesh and bones to the idea that she has been working on her mind for many years. Her collections reflect her original goal:  “offering quality items that will highlight the uniqueness of every woman / man, will bring finesse and style to every appearance”. As a woman who likes to stand out, she always look for original ideas. In her collections, you will find exclusively handcrafted jewelery made of 925 sterling silver, made by the hands of the best silversmiths of Athens and not only! Beautiful ideas were always born under special circumstances, so as Fenia’s! Her idea reminds me of my blogging story, so I totally understand her! So this was the Feni jewels story! Don’t forget that you have a 10% discount using the code Morscaravan! Hope you like it and I will be pleased to hear from you! Till then don’t forget to stand out with your Feni jewels!

Website feni.gr
Instagram fenijewels
Facebook  Feni Jewels5E9A9696 5E9A9697 5E9A9729 5E9A9731 5E9A9732 5E9A9743 5E9A97465E9A9752

Photography by Dora Dimitriou
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