Hey there. It’s Mor speaking! White nails is one of the top nail trends and it is a little hard to pull off as we see that nearly every summer is a trend! Plain white nails can be really cool when they are correctly applied, and especially when they are combined with tastefully color-blocked outfits. When you get tanned, it looks way cooler! As for your pedi, choose a champagne nail color that matches with everything. If you don’t know where to get your nails done, choose Butterfly nails ,I guarantee you that it will last longer that you imagine! Hope you got ideas and I will be pleased to hear from you.

Till then don’t forget to book your appointment at Butterfly nails! Kisses!19047336_1862369330443612_1142436706_o 19074666_1862369340443611_1337374359_o19024743_1862369310443614_546582197_o

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