Hey there. It’s Mor speaking! The classic French design has changed and has turned upside down. The trendy manicure trends suggest a reverse manicure style in a variety of color combinations. Besides the classic white-beige you can paint your nails in a baby pink color and let the rest of the nail in a natural beige. Try the resersed manicure in either square or oval nails. It was about time for pedicure, now that the the weather allows me to wear my fluffy shoes. I love painting my nails in dark colors during summer as I think that this fits me better. It’s your choice! Hope you got ideas and I will be pleased to hear from you.

Till then don’t forget to book your appointement at Butterfly nails! Kisses! 18159573_1800383213308891_446665133_o (1)18176065_1800383226642223_1847447243_o (1) 18120591_1800383216642224_1459226224_o 18195206_1800388573308355_396861595_o 18195303_1800383409975538_1954330054_o 18159966_1800383319975547_508411122_o

Butterfly nails  Αγίου Γεωργίου 21, Χαλάνδρι 2106832403

Βutterlfy nails Concept Β.Γεωργίου Β11 Φιλοθέη  2106755991
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