Hey there. It’s Mor speaking! I once thought that red nails are old-fashioned and not so stylish. But I was obviously wrong! I decided that after my nude manicure, I wanted something more colorful, so I decided to paint my nails red. Here are some tips,so that the result will be extra chic:first of all, your nails have to be short and nice shaped! In addition, this time I did something special at Butterfly nails; I had my arms waxed, as I am brunette. So, if you want your hands to feel like velvet choose Butterfly nails.

I wish you happy woman’s day and don’t forget to feel special not only today , but every single day.

Hope you got ideas and I will l be pleased to hear from you! Till then don’t forget to book your appointment at Butterfly nails!Kisses.17176246_1728811620466051_1063103941_o 17194026_1728793543801192_701126067_o17200009_1728796203800926_2057638292_o

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