Hey there! It’s Mor speaking. In today’s post, I’m going to introduce you 3INA. 3INA is a bold, brave approach to beauty. I have already tried a mascara and three lipsticks. So I have to tell you that the lipsticks were true warriors. One of them, a deliciously smooth cream-to-matte lipstick has velvet texture that retains its intensity and its nude color makes it suitable for a light morning make up.

The other two are long-wear lipstick, which are designed for those who love the application of a lip gloss but want their lipstick to stay just forever. Once on the lips, the gloss becomes an opaque matte lipstick that won’t budge.

Last but not least, the lengthening mascara is a nourishing one that visibly adds length and bold volume to eyelashes. There are many types of mascara for all kind of your needs.

I’m not gonna lie to you, 3INA has great quality but most importantly has great prices, and that matters a lot.

Hope you got a brief idea of the 3INA brand and I will be pleased to hear from you. Till then don’t forget to love you as you are. It’s important!

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The smooth cream-to-matte lipstick NO 301
The long-wear lipsticks NO 500, NO 505

Photography by Dora Dimitriou

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